Digital Spyglass Colangioscopy

Patients with stones in the gallbladder or “gallstones” can sometimes additionally have a stone in the bile duct (a tube that connects liver to the intestine). Usually, stones in the bile duct are removed by a procedure termed as “ERCP”. Small stones can be removed successfully with ERCP but occasionally, patients have large stones in the bile duct making removal with ERCP challenging. Such patients, typically would undergo surgery of the bile duct, a bigger operation than the routine gallbladder surgery. Most recently, a procedure called cholangioscopy (endoscopy of the bile ducts) is being performed at Midas.

In this procedure, a small endoscope is advanced into the bile duct and using laser such large stones are broken down into small pieces and then removed with endoscopy. Midas is the first hospital in Vidarbha to perform this procedure. Using this cholangioscope, samples can be obtained from the bile duct as well for detection of cancer, for patients with narrowing of bile duct.

Hepaticojejunostomy for post cholecystectomy right posterior duct injury with biliary fistula