Gastric (Gastroparesis)

POEM for Gastroparesis

"Gastroparesis" is a condition in which the activity of stomach is slow and instead of emptying food into the small bowel the food remains in the stomach for many hours after ingestion. This is caused due to long standing diabetes, some diseases of the nerves/muscles or after a surgery. In some cases, the cause can remains unknown. Such patients experience significant nausea and often vomit food ingested many hours before, sometimes even from the day before ingestion. There are very few treatment options available for such patients, especially if they do not respond to routine medications.

Gastric per oral endoscopic myotomy or gastric “POEM” is a “painless, scarless” endoscopic procedure. In this procedure, the endoscope is advanced into the deeper layer of stomach “submucosa” and a tunnel is created. The endoscope is advanced in the tunnel and the muscle at the end of the stomach called “pylorus” is cut using endoscopic tools. The entry site is then closed with endoscopic clips. The procedure is safe and the patient is sedated during the procedure and does not experience any discomfort.

POEM for Refractory Gastroparesis (G-POEM)